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Property Asset Planning is a specialist property investment company that has been dedicated to helping South Australians to build wealth via clever property investment at the same time as reducing the amount of tax they pay since 2001.

We strive to locate properties that could help to maximize capital growth, along with ensuring that all properties are designed to appeal to prospective tenants so your investment property doesn’t suffer from unnecessary vacancy rates.

What’s more, we take all the hard work out of the investment process by making the process smooth, seamless and as simple as possible.

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Tailored Property Investment Strategy

The team at Property Asset Planning are experts in all aspects of property investment, including tailoring an investment strategy to suit your financial goals, and purchasing property in a self-managed super fund (SMSF).

SMSF Property Investment Specialists

Some clients may find it more beneficial for their own future plans to purchase property with their super. Property Asset Planning specialize in assisting clients to set up a streamlined property investment within a self-managed super fund.

NRAS Property Investment Specialists

An NRAS investment property could allow you to take advantage of up to $120,000 in tax-free Government incentives that could make your rental property cash-flow positive right away.

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