If you have considered investing in property  our educational 1 hour Financial Freedom Information Evening (previously known as seminars) or a meeting with our Property Strategists (both are no obligation, no cost!) is invaluable.

We educate people interested in protecting or growing their wealth via smart property investments so they can take control of their future and make their own decisions.

Obtain knowledge and make an informed decision – Attend our Information Evening(seminar)and find out more!

Have you ever wanted to……..

  1. reduce the amount of income tax you pay? (legally of course!)
  2. grow your wealth?
  3. pay off your mortgage sooner?
  4. invest in property?
  5. have more control over your superannuation?
  6. set yourself up for retirement so you don’t rely on government benefits?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, do you (and partner if applicable)…

  1. own your home and have $150,000 or more in equity?
  2. have stable & permanent employment?
  3. have a household income of over $80,000


If you answered yes to all  of the 3 questions above, you (and your family) will benefit from investing an hour of time to find out more.

1 hour, no obligation, no sales pitch! Just information for YOU to be able to make an informed decision.